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Alberta's Regional Library Systems

Alberta's regional library systems were created to secure efficient, economical, and expert library service for local municipal libraries. They include the Peace, Northern Lights, Marigold, Chinook Arch, and Shortgrass Library Systems, and Yellowhead and Parkland Regional Libraries. Regional library systems enhance local library service in areas of automation, technical support, acquiring and sharing library resources, offering on-site consulting to member libraries by professional librarians, and training. Regional library systems help provide access to the information all citizens need in their business and home life.


The Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language (ATESL) is a professional organization that promotes the highest standards of teaching and English language program provision for all learners in Alberta whose first language is other than English. It also provides many special professional development opportunities to its members and non-members with ESL interests including monthly workshops, an annual conference, and an online resource library. ATESL collaborates and communicates with various local, provincial and national bodies to provide support to English language professionals and learners. More information on services provided by ATESL is available on the ATESL website at

The Centre for Family Literacy

The Centre for Family Literacy was the first centre in Canada to focus on the development of literacy within the family context.  Our mission is to build, develop, and improve literacy with families and communities. The mandate of the Centre is to: develop and deliver family and adult literacy programs in the Alberta Capital region, provide training and services to family literacy professionals in Alberta, and raise awareness of the importance of literacy and its impact on individuals, families and communities. We provide a continuum of programs and services that enable individuals and families to participate at any stage of their literacy development.

Community Learning Network (CLN)

The Community Learning Network (CLN) supports the innovative learning leaders who are building Alberta’s vibrant learning communities. We provide and promote professional development, training, customized support and networking opportunities to Alberta’s Community Adult Learning Programs, CALP practitioners and volunteer Board members. We work in close collaboration with our partners, funders and system stakeholders to achieve our vision, where Community Adult Learning Programs are the hub for adult learning in every community.