Alberta Routes ESL Resource Guide

This guide was designed as an annotated list of resources for tutors, teachers, and volunteers to use when working with English-language learners. The resources have beencurated by the following criteria: relevance and/or applicability to the Alberta context, easy to use, has an identified language level, year of publication, and Creative Commons licensed.


The aim of the guide is to provide practitioners with a highly practical list of resources that will be easy to use with learners. There is often very little or no time to research, prepare, and deliver a lesson for learners. This guide will help alleviate the timeconstraints some practitioners may feel and allows for easy and practical access to relevant, appropriate, and professional materials.
The resources are all hyperlinked, and the homepage for the resource author and/or funder is also hyperlinked where available and applicable. If supplemental information and materials are available, that is noted and hyperlinked in the description of the resource.
Many of these resources are available online but some have printing options available. If printing is available, this has been noted.