Building Community Capacity Project Resources

AWES was granted funding through the Government of Alberta to help build community capacity related to integrating workplace essential skills with language learning and workplace culture. The purpose of this project is to provide training and resources to community organizations that support newcomers and their workplaces.


 Community organizations are often the first point of entry for thousands of Alberta immigrants who may not have access to mainstream training programs. Better programming will allow more immigrants to learn the language, essential skills, and workplace culture needed to attain and retain employment.

The scope of the project includes the development of the following resources: 

  • Workforce Participation Workbook 1 – CLB 3 to 5 (introductory workplace skills)
  • Workforce Participation Workbook 2 – CLB 6 to 8 (intermediate workplace skills)
  • Workforce Participation Facilitator Guide 
  • Workplace Resources for English Language Learners: An Annotated Guide

The workbooks and facilitator guide develop language competence, intercultural communication skills, and workplace essential skills by incorporating authentic workplace documents and tasks.

The annotated guide provides a look at the most relevant resources to support ELL's for workplace success.