TESL Canada

TESL Canada's mission is to promote excellence in the teaching and learning of English as a second or additional language in partnership with its constituent provincial and territorial associations, and like-minded national and international organizations.


TESL Canada Federation is the national federation of English as a Second Language teachers, learners and learner advocates. We are dedicated to advancing communication and coordinating awareness of issues for those concerned with English as a Second Language and English skills development.

TESL Canadians are your neighbours, classmates, colleagues, employers and teachers . We live along the front line of settlement integration, providing academic, vocational, sociocultural and linguistic instruction, cross cultural counselling, labour market access and citizenship training and multicultural liaison in both the workplace and the community.

TESL Canada members are defined as those individuals who are members in good standing in TESL Canada's provincial/territorial ESL organizations; all others, e.g., individuals, like-minded organizations and non-recognized institutions may subscribe to the TESL Canada Journal but cannot identify themselves as members.